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RE/MAX Oceanside Realty is your best choice for a professional real estate agent in Costa Rica. We pride ourselves in providing personal service to Americans Canadians, Europeans and Costa Ricans alike. Our staff consists of Americans, Canadians and Costa Ricans to help bridge the cultural gap. You will feel comfortable and confident when working with us.


Why Buy Costa Rica Real Estate? Costa Rica has gone from virtually unknown in the 1990's, to a booming beach, mountain, city and ecological tourist, second home and retirement destination for people from around the world. Costa Rica is an extremely warm and friendly country with an excellent climate, abundant tropical nature and wildlife and one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful countries on earth. Let's face it. There are a lot of beautiful countries in the world that are great to visit and vacation, but owning real estate in a foreign country is completely different. Costa Rica is a favorite among foreigners. In addition to many emotional reasons, it is a stable and safe democratic republic. In fact, Costa Rica is the strongest and most stable democracy in Latin America. Major companies like Dole, Intel, Panasonic, Gerber, Novartis and many others have made Costa Rica home for their world headquarters. Costa Rica is not only a great geographic location between North and South America, it is also a safe and enjoyable country to live in for the executives of these companies.

There are many reasons that Costa Rica is popular to foreigners including having an excellent healthcare system. Costa Rica is ranked by the World Health Organization right up with Canada and the United States for the quality of healthcare. It's great to know that when you vacation in Costa Rica that if you need medical attention, it is of high quality, but it is vital for expat's who are considering living and retiring in this tropical paradise to know that they don't have to give up access to excellent healthcare to live in the tropics.


Property ownership options include condos, homes and building lots or homesites on and off the beach, in the mountains and in the cities and San Jose suburbs. For those wanting more space and elbow room, you can buy a farm (called fincas in Costa Rica) or you can buy larger pieces of land in gated subdivisions. We have so many different options for purchases and each with its own, special characteristic like beautiful views of the Pacific or Caribbean Ocean's, lush green views of the rainforests, trees and green meadows and valleys and even in the capital city of San Jose, there are fantastic views of the surrounding mountains and also of the city lights.


No matter what your Costa Rica Real Estate needs are, it is in your best interest to contact Broker Shawn and Hannah Fletcher of REMAX Oceanside Realty or one of thier professional real estate advisors. The philosophy at REMAX Oceanside Realty is to provide the best service in a personal manner with your specific needs in mind. Let one of REMAX Oceanside Realty's agents work as your Buyer's Agent. The Multiple Listing Service in Costa Rica is in its infancy and many properties are still not listed. Real data on the market values is not readily available. It is important that you work with a professional that you can trust.



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