Eleven Of Our Favorite Things To Buy In Costa Rica

What Are the Best Things to Buy in Costa Rica? Here are eleven of our favorites!

1.      Coffee – Costa Rica is known for its coffee and Café Brit is the premium coffee brand in Costa Rica. Buy at the grocery store for the best price, but Café Brit coffee is also sold at the airport gift shops. Café Brit can be purchased in several varieties (beans grown in different parts of Costa Rica) so make sure to take home a sample pack.

2.      Dark Rum – Ron Centenario is the local rum made in Costa Rica. Rum is translated as ron in Spanish and the Ron Centenario is a dark, Caribbean style rum made in Costa Rican - not to mention that it’s the local favorite.

3.      Coffee Liquor - Café Brit makes coffee liquor that is one of the best on the market and is an excellent item to buy in Costa Rica to take home for gifts. Free shots are given at the airport gift shops so if you are over 18 years old, make sure you try some!

4.      Lizano Salso – Lizano is a brand and the generic name for this tangy, green sauce is English Sauce. The Lizano English Sauce is the local favorite and premium brand of salsa. This green sauce is not hot and spicy, but has its own unique flavor to be enjoyed with chicken, fish, steak and gallo pinto (rice and bean dish eaten for breakfast). Lizano Sauce is also found in grocery stores like Mas X Menos (means more or less) or at the Airport gift shops.

5.      Costa Rican Oxcart – The oxcart in Costa Rica is a traditional symbol for Costa Rica’s past. Merchants and farmers would transport their goods to and from the markets in oxcarts. During Costa Rican parades, beautifully painted and decorated oxcarts are pulled in lieu of floats. A top thing to buy to show off your trip to Costa Rica is a souvenir sized, hand painted oxcart.

6.      Wooden Boxes, Bowls, furniture and Carvings - Costa Rica has excellent wood craftsmen that make a variety of goods and furniture. In fact there is a town called Sarchi, in the mountains, known for its wooden crafts. If you are unable to visit Sarchi, now worries. The crafts from this town are sold throughout Costa Rica and at the airport gift shops.

7.      Jewelry - Costa Rica makes a wide variety of jewelry including reproduction of pre-Columbian gold pieces. Other types of jewelry like beaded necklaces and bracelets can also be found along the Costa Rica beaches.

8.      Pottery - There is a town in Guanacaste called Guaitil known for making pottery. These beautiful, Costa Rican pots are very popular among things tourists buy in Costa Rica and can be found in many gift shops and at the airport gift shop.

9.      Other top things to buy in Costa Rica include the many exotic fruits and vegetables and handmade crafts that can be found at roadside stands and farmers markets – called ferias. You can take the fuits and vegetables home with you, but you can enjoy them while in Costa Rica and you can take jams, jellies and candies made from the locally grown produce.

10.  Café Brit candies - Every premium gift shop in Costa Rica carries Café Brit candies. Try chocolate covered coffee beans (the specialty) in both white and dark chocolate. Also try other Café Brit chocolate covered candies including cashew, guava and pineapple bites. Can’t find them on your trip, don’t worry. These great Costa Rica items can be found at the airport gift shop as well.

11. Real Estate - Real Estate is a popular among Americans, Canadians and other foreigners because Costa Rica has a safe and stable Democratic government, protects property rights in a public registry, because of the perfect weather and because of Costa Rica's natural beauty.

These are our best items to buy in Costa Rica. Make sure to share with us your favorite things to buy in Costa Rica.

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