Tarcoles Costa Rica Real Estate

Real Estate Developments in and around Tarcoles includes Nativa Resort and Costa Montana.

is a small fishing village on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica near the famous Tarcoles River. It is well known by locals and tourists alike for its river tours, great sea food and spectacular wildlife viewing at Carara National Park. You can stop on the bridge at the Costanera Highway and look down and some of Costa Rica’s largest reptiles. Some of the crocodiles are almost 20 feet long and approximately 80 years old. Location is approximately 1.5 hours from San Jose and 20 minutes North of award winning Jaco Beach. There are nicer beaches than those found in and around Tacoles. We recommend Jaco Beach and Hermosa Beach, just a short ride down the highway.

Carara National Park, known as one of Costa Rica’s many beautiful national parks, the Parque Nacional Carara lies less than two hours from the capital of San Jose along the road between the city of Puntarenas, south of Atenas and Orotina, Carara National Park is a very important ecological transition zone. Bordering the Coastal Highway, this park is unique as the Amazonian and Mesoamerican ecosystems converge here to form a distinct biological reserve where the climates of the Pacific dry north meet the humid south coast.

A 5,242-hectare park, the Carara National Park has an amazing diversity of flora and fauna, making it a must visit place if you are in the area. Named after the Huetar word for crocodile, this national park is home to several ecosystems such as marshlands, lagoons, and gallery forests. With a fantastic array of wildlife on display, visiting this park makes for a great family trip. Monkeys, crocodiles, armadillos, peccaries, waterfowls, opossums, sloths, boas, aouti, kinkajou, tayra, margay cats, jaguars, white tail deer and ozelots can be found here, as well as a wide assortment of birds and other reptiles and amphibians. The Carara National Park is also one of the few places where visitors can get to see Scarlet Macaws, Jacamars, and Trogons.

With one of the highest diversity of trees in the world, this national park has many of the rarest hardwoods in the Costa Rica. The huge trees here are often covered with vines and epiphytes. However, since there is very little undergrowth the animals and birds in this national park are easier to spot. There are also a number of pre-Columbian archaeological sites dating back 2,000 years.

Guided tours are readily available or stop by the visitors center onsite and follow one of the self guided tours. Bring your insect repellent and long pants. Camping is not allowed.



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